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Grid Contest with Different Numbers

By Justin Wool   |   August 30, 2018

Many commissioners have requested for a feature that lets the contest have a completely different set of axis numbers for each quarter of a game, or for each game in a series of games such as a playoff series or Monday Night Football. We call them Coordinate Sets.

With the Summer 2018 release of Super Bowl Pool Site, contests can finally accomplish this kind of structure.

Same boxes with different coordinates.

SBPS has introduced “Coordinate Sets”, which are independent sets of numbers for a single grid of boxes.

With Coordinate Sets, players simply reserve their squares as they ordinarily do, but the commissioner can automatically or manually create as many sets of numbers as desired, as to change the coordinates with each quarter of a game or each game of a series, without having to create multiple grids and make players reserve boxes over and over again.

Coordinate Sets can be added or removed. Your contest can have 2 Coordinate Sets or 200, entirely up to you. Numbers can be populated independently for each Coordinate Set - all at once from the beginning, or as the contest progresses each day or week or hour.

Of course, the option to simply have one set of coordinates for the entire duration is always available.