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Running a Contest

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In the Contest Settings page, there are two ways the Commissioner can remove a player from a box.

In the Player List page, the Commissioner can remove a player entirely from the contest, clearing out any boxes that user owns.

In the Boxes page, the Commissioner can edit the text in a box or simply remove a player from that single box.

Yes, the Commissioner of a contest can add players to the Grid without those players having to create an SBPS account.

The link in the Settings page is called “Add a Player”.

Please note that if players are added by the Commissioner, that box will not have a username, player name, or email address associated with it, so any generated email lists or player lists will not include that player’s details.

Once a contest is created, the only thing that cannot be changed is the shape of the grid. This is because any players that have joined or coordinates that have been drawn may not fit in the new configuration, which would cause all kinds of problems.

If you decide that the grid needs to be smaller or larger, you unfortunately should go through the process of creating an entirely new contest. The good news is that contests are free and take seconds to set up.


From the Contest Settings page, you can click “Contest Status” and change the status of the contest to “Deleted”. This will prevent the contest details from showing up when someone visits the contest and nobody will be able to join the contest.