SBPS Free Bonus Contest #24

Panthers at Steelers

Event Details

This SBPS Free Bonus Contest pertains to the following sporting event:

Event Name
Panthers at Steelers
Event Date
Thursday Nov 8th, 2018 8:20 PM
Contest Closes
One Hour Before Event
Current Status
Winning Prize
$5 Amazon Card

General Rules

This is an SBPS Free Bonus Contest.

Anyone with an SBPS User Account can select one free square on the Contest Grid. You can only participate in one (1) Free SBPS Bonus Grid at one time. You will not be able to reserve a square in any additional Bonus Grids until the conclusion of your existing Bonus Grid event.

The prize for this free contest goes to the box representing the singles digit for the Final Score of the game (after any overtime periods).

Winners will be determined and prizes will be distributed after the conclusion of the event.

Note: You must return to the Grid after the event has concluded to claim your prize if you are the winner.