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SBPS Free Bonus Contest Center

All of the contests below are Free Bonus Contests, which means they are absolutely 100% free to join! You could win a free gift card, a mystery prize or even something money can't buy: Pride.

Below are all the free contests on SBPS sitewide. Throughout the year many variations of NFL contests will be added, as well as College Football contests and others thereby making the bookmarking of this page a good idea. The free contests may be for gift cards, merchandise, money or pride but are completely free to enter.

These contests are open to anyone with an SBPS User Account, which can be created in 30 seconds for free. Each user is allowed to select one free square on the Contest Grid for each contest. You can participate in up to Five (5) Free SBPS Bonus Contests at one time. (Limit one free box per actual sporting event.)

Please note that these free contests are first come first serve and require the winner to come back and claim the prize.

If you're a company looking to partner with us to give away your gift cards or merchandise as a prize, please contact us or reach out to us on Social Media and we'll be happy to discuss opportunities you.

There will be many more Free Bonus Contests released in the upcoming weeks, so please check back daily to grab your spot and win free prizes.