South Suburban SA grid 1

Created by Tracy Nosal --
at Super Bowl Pool Site

Below are the rules of this squares contest as outlined by the contest creator. If you have any questions about how to pay, please direct those questions to the commissioner of the contest. Good luck and have fun!

General Rules

The Bears play 16 games and there will be 2 winners for each game.
The winning payouts will be as follows:
i) Halftime winner = $15
ii) Final Score winner = $25

With 32 total winners throughout the entire season will pay out a grand total of $640

The “Home” and “Away” numbers (0-9), will be different for each of the 16 games.
When purchasing a square, you will be assigned a square number that will determine your spot on the 100 square sheet.

Entry Cost


Payment Details

Send money thru paypal


Prize Details

The commissioner has not defined guidelines for how prizes are defined or awarded. Please email them directly with any questions you may have.

If you have any questions about how to reserve boxes or with the site itself, feel free to reach out to the SBPS team at However, before you do you, may want to check out the help center to see if you can find a resolution to the problem you are having.

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