Kiwanis Super Bowl Boxes (for charity)

Created by Peter Macaluso at SBPS

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General Rules
Hello Everyone,
Thank you for participating in our Super Bowl Boxes (for charity). We ask that you donate $25 for each box that you take. There will be 4 chances to win. At the end of each quarter a winner will be selected based on the last number in the score for each team. For example, if the score is 14-7 at the end of a quarter, then the box with the numbers 4 and 7 will win.
1st Qtr = $100
2nd Qtr = $250
3rd Qtr = $100
4th Qtr = $800
Bonus/Overtime = $100
Prizes will be sent by Venmo or by check. Please make sure we have your details in order to complete payment.
1st Qtr = $100
Half Time = $250
3rd Qtr = $100
End of Regulation = $800
Overtime/Bonus = $100
Please use any of the payments and include your name and boxes chosen in the comments. If we cannot confirm payment by Sunday morning, February 7th. The box will be a "Kiwanis Box". If payment comes through after the 7th it will be returned.
Payment Options

The commissioner has defined the cost of entry to be $25.

If the commissioner has defined any preferred payment methods, they will be listed here: