2022 Full NFL Standings

Below are the updated NFL standings broken down by division. The NFL is broken into two conferences (American Football Conference and National Football Conference). Within each conference are four divisions (East, North, South, and West), each with four teams (32 teams overall) that are somewhat geographically near each other.

AFC East

The page begins with the AFC East, a division once dominated by the Patriots and currently undergoing Josh Allen's reign of terror. The Miami Dolphins, who seem to be always in rebuilding mode but simultaneously competitive, accompany the Patriots and Bills. The perpetually last place NY Jets round out the AFC East.

Team Wins Losses Ties
Buffalo 11 6 0
Miami 11 6 0
New York 7 10 0
New England 4 13 0
AFC West

Our last stop in the AFC is the AFC West. A division firmly in the hands of perennial MVP candidate Patrick Mahomes. Outside of Josh Herbert and the LA Chargers (which still feels weird to say), the division has been devoid of genuine challengers as the once proud franchises of the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos have seen better days.

Team Wins Losses Ties
Kansas City 11 6 0
Las Vegas 8 9 0
Denver 8 9 0
Los Angeles 5 12 0
AFC South

From there we head to the AFC South. Once a staple of Monday Night Football and primetime games, former Colt Peyton Manning is missed more than ever in Indianapolis. Outside of the Tennessee Titans, the division is a mess with the Houston Texans, and, even worse, Jacksonville Jaguars only mentioned because of the things unrelated to Football.

Team Wins Losses Ties
Houston 10 7 0
Jacksonville 9 8 0
Indianapolis 9 8 0
Tennessee 6 11 0
AFC North

Following the AFC East is the vaunted AFC North home to heavyweight NFL franchises the Pittsburgh Steelers, the young and surging Cincinnati Bengals, the always dangerous Lamar Jackson, and the always disappointing Cleveland Browns.

Team Wins Losses Ties
Cleveland 11 6 0
Pittsburgh 10 7 0
Cincinnati 9 8 0
Baltimore 13 4 0
NFC East

Moving to the NFC, the always marketable NFC East is led by some of the league's most prominent, if not most successful, brands in the league. Those include the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles, the (for now) Washington Football Team, and the New York Giants.

Team Wins Losses Ties
Dallas 12 5 0
Philadelphia 11 6 0
New York 6 11 0
Washington 4 13 0
NFC North

The NFC North is our next stop where uncertainty abounds. The dominance of the division that has been the career of Aaron Rodgers may well be ending, leaving the division's next successor up for grabs. The Minnesota Vikings, the Chicago Bears, and the Detroit Lions will be vying for that spot, all of whom with intriguing assets from which to build a Super Bowl contender on.

Team Wins Losses Ties
Detroit 12 5 0
Green Bay 9 8 0
Minnesota 7 10 0
Chicago 7 10 0
NFC South

From uncertainty to even more uncertainty, the NFC South is a complete puzzle headed into the 2022 offseason. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had the league's premier offense in the 2021-2022 season, but Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady, who was the MVP behind their record-breaking year, may have taken his last snap in the league. Additionally, the New Orleans Saints were shell shocked when they learned that their all-world head coach Sean Payton, would be stepping down as head coach. This leaves the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers, both of whom are caught in a rebuilding period entering the 2022 offseason.

Team Wins Losses Ties
Tampa Bay 9 8 0
New Orleans 9 8 0
Atlanta 7 10 0
Carolina 2 15 0
NFC West

Last but certainly not least, we have the NFC West, whose current power rankings would've mystified fans just a couple of years ago. In the present bizarro world, the power has completely shifted. What was once a team expected to compete for a Super Bowl every year, the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll, feel like a franchise in decay. Meanwhile, Quarterbacks Matthew Stafford for the Rams and Kyler Murray for the Cardinals appear, so long as they can stay healthy, to have their teams firmly planted as yearly Super Bowl contenders. Nevertheless it would be foolish to count out 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan who, despite some curious personnel decisions, seems to do very little that isn't winning.

Team Wins Losses Ties
Los Angeles 10 7 0
Seattle 9 8 0
Arizona 4 13 0
San Francisco 12 5 0

This standings page is up to date and is updated regularly at the conclusion of every game.