How to Create a Custom Squares Contest

You can create a squares contest of any size ranging from a 1x1 square contest to a 10x10 contest. Great for lower scoring sports (such as baseball or hockey)! Here's how it works.

The most important step is the first one: creating the contest. All you have to do is note what size you want the contest and the team names (though you can even set that up later).

Now that you have your custom squares contest setup it's time to invite friends and family to join! Just make sure you let them know the contests password so that they can join with a single click.

Once the contest has filled, you just need to generate the numbers. With one click you can randomly assign numbers or manually enter the contest numbers yourself. Just be sure to tell everyone after the numbers have been generated so your users know who to cheer for!

Ready to get started on your contest?

Looking for a Fixed Contest Size?

If you're looking for a more standard grid size, choose from one of the pre-arranged contest sizes of 25, 50, and 100.

100 Squares

Looking for the standard 10x10, 100 square grid? Click below to get started or click learn more to find out how 100 square contests work. Great for big groups and Super Bowl watch parties.

50 Squares

Less popular than the 10x10 grids, 50 square grids may be half the size but they have all the fun of a full size contest. Great for smaller groups.

25 Squares

Got a smaller group but want a fun watch party activity? Try a 25 square contest! Easier to fill and just as easy to create and manage.

Need a FUN Fundraiser Idea?

A Super Bowl Pool is an exciting way to raise money for your little league team or help support that important charity. For over a decade we’ve been proud to have helped raise money for everything from High School volleyball teams to Little League Baseball teams around the country.

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Get Started on your Super Bowl 57 Pool

Super Bowl 57 is officially scheduled to kick off on Sunday, February 12th 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Get started on your squares contest for the biggest football game of the year.

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