How a 50 Squares Contest Works

With your free SBPS contest, you have the freedom to set your Super Bowl Pool up exactly how you want it and manage it exactly as you want to. Every aspect of your squares contest can be adjusted and tinkered with.

person creating super bowl squares contest

A 50 Square Grid Contest is very similar to the standard squares contest, but is only half the size (but all the fun). First, you’ll put the two team names you’ll want to use (or you can do this later) and hit ‘Create’ in the form below. Then you’ll generate a blank 10x5 square contest like the corresponding image.

share your squares contest

Now you'll want to share it with friends and family until all 50 squares are filled! With SBPS online Squares contests, you can set payment information for your pool, set your own rules, and even toggle who has paid and who hasn't.

posting squares contest numbers

After your grid contest has filled, you just need to set your grid's numbers! Our squares contests alllow you to choose either having randomly generated numbers (so everyone has an equal opportunity of winning) or manually drawn!

Popular Squares Contest Sizes

You can create a custom sized grid or select from one of these popular grid sizes.

25 Squares

Want to have a squares contest for less people but don’t have 100 people? Try creating a free 25 Square Contest with a blank 5x5 grid.

100 Squares

The standard 100 square pool with 10 rows and 10 columns. The most popular choice, by far.


Want a unique grid size? Try a going with a custom size grid. You can make any grid from 1x1 to 10x10.

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