Your SBPS Grid Contest will cost you nothing. zero. zilch. nada. zippo.

Super Bowl Pool Site contests have always been free to create, and we don't plan on changing that. Create your contest in 30 seconds and enjoy all of the benefits immediately, free of charge.

Everything is Customizable

With your free SBPS contest, you have the freedom to set your grid contest up exactly how you want it.

Axis Labels

Set the names of teams on the Top and Left Axis.

Rules and Details

Provide your players detailed instructions regarding prizes and payment.

Grid Size and Shape

You provide the exact number of rows and columns, from 1x1 to 10x10.


Provide exact manual axis numbers, or have us randomize them for you.


Manually track all payments and prizes using our Player Finances tool.


Password-protect your contest so only invited friends can join.

All SBPS Contests are FREE!

Enjoy all of the options for free, forever.

Free Daily Bonus Contests

Super Bowl Pool Site offers daily chances to win prizes in our Free Bonus Contests!

Free Bonus Contests are always free to join. Simply select the square you want in each Bonus Contest, and if that square wins, you win!

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