Create A Squares Contest For March Madness

Football season might be ending but March Madness is just beginning. Unlike bracket contests that require a tremendous amount of knowledge about the teams to have a chance, squares contests give everyone the same opportunity to win.

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Any Sizes Welcome

While 100 Square Contests might be the most used in a squares contest, but we offer any contest size for your NCAA tournament from 1x1 to 10x10.

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Get Started Early

Unlike bracket contests, you don’t have to wait until selection sunday to get started on your march madness squares contest.

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Quickly Duplicate Your Contest

Once your contest fills, quickly duplicate your contest settings with just a click of a button. Make as many as you want before the first game tips.

Ready to get started?

Popular Squares Contest Sizes

If you're looking for a more standard grid size, choose from one of the pre-arranged contest sizes of 25, 50, and 100.

100 Squares

Just like you remember, get started on your 10x10, 100 square grid. Click below to get started or click learn more to find out how 100 square contests work. Great for big groups and Super Bowl watch parties.

50 Square Grids

Perhaps less popular than the 100 square grids, 50 square grids may be half the size but they are all the fun of a full size contest. Great for smaller groups.

You Choose The Size

Want to get really out there? Try going with a custom size grid. You can make literally any squares contest from 1x1 to 10x10.

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