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The overwhelming majority of emails we receive ask the same 3 or 4 questions, all of which are covered thoroughly in our Help page, along with quick videos that guide you through the solutions.

Please, please please please, do us both a favor and check that page out first, before contacting SBPS via email.

Online Support Documentation Help Videos

If you have any questions or experience any issues with my site, please open a support ticket.

New Support Ticket

To make the process more efficient, please provide your contest ID number (or just copy and paste the URL to your grid) in the email, so I know where to start the investigation.

I would request that you also provide as much detail about your problem as you can, to save us the back-and-forth step of me asking for more information. See the table below for examples on what information to provide.

Instead of saying...Say this...
"It isn't working."
"It's broken."
"I can't join the contest."
"I need help."
"This site is stupid."
"You are stupid."
"The page just continues to spin without loading."
"The page I'm trying to load is blank."
"It's asking me for the Contest Password but my password isn't working."
"I can't log in with my user account."
"I'm trying to create a user account and it's giving me an error."
"I click on a box to join but nothing is happening."
"I haven't received the email."
"I'm getting an error message that says _____________."

We try to answer all questions as quickly as we can get to them, which is usually within the hour if I'm in front of a computer. Please be patient, as you'll see from our About Us page, "we" is really just a team of "me".

What is SBPS? is a website for creating Squares Contests online. We are not a gambling website. We do not allow or facilitate real money transactions on the website.