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At the Super Bowl Pool Site, you can get started on your Super Bowl squares contest with just the click of a button. All it takes is an SBPS account to create (but don't worry, it's super easy).

person creating super bowl squares contest


One-click Creation

The first step is simply hitting create. All you need to make a squares contest online for free is an SBPS account.

share your squares contest


Invite Players

Now that your contest has been created it's time to share with friends and family! Remember to give users the contest password so that they can join in one click.

posting squares contest numbers


Post Your Contest Numbers

Now that your contest grid is full you just need to generate your grid's contest numbers before the start of the game. You can randomly assign numbers or manually enter them. It's up to you!

Ready to get started on your contest?

About SBPS

This site was built in the days leading up to the 2007 Super Bowl game in Miami. Since then we've offered free squares contests every year. We will never sell your information or send you spam emails throuhgout the year. If you have any questions or issues with the new layout, please do not hesistate to contact us.

What is SBPS? is a website for creating Squares Contests online. We are not a gambling website. We do not allow or facilitate real money transactions on the website.