This article is going to cover how to post your numbers for your Super Bowl Squares Contest. Okay so now that your contest is completely sold out you're ready to populate the numbers on the top and the left axis of the squares contest. These numbers are going to be the numbers that indicate what each player is cheering for in terms of scoring.

You're going to go into your settings page and you're going to scroll down all the way past the grid into the grid and numbers management section. At the bottom of that section you'll see a table listing all of the grids within your contest where you can click on the grid title. Or the ?not yet set? under the numbers column or in the actions column where you can click ?manage numbers?--all three of those options take you to the exact same page which is where you want to be.

Now we are on the numbers history for your contest and you'll see that the only record there shows the question marks that you see on your main contest page. That's because we haven't populated the coordinates yet so below that you?re going to click post ?random numbers? and what you'll see is those question marks replaced by randomly generated numbers.

There's a nice time stamp there that tells you when it was created.

How to Clear Your Numbers

If you go back to the contest after performing the above action, you'll see right away that those numbers were instantly populated to your contest. Now if you go back to the settings and you'll see it now says ?numbers set.? If you click on that, you'll see the numbers that you just set and will be able to click to clear the numbers. That brings the question marks back up just in case you made a mistake or you know you populated them prematurely.

How To Manually Enter Your Numbers

Let's say you want to manually enter your numbers instead of randomly drawing them. You're going to go back to settings again and click on ?not yet set.? I'll show you how to manually enter your numbers (if you need help try viewing the screenshot video above).

Why draw the numbers manually? This is a good solution if you have someone draw numbers out of a hat for example or some other ceremonial thing that you do offline.

So all you have to do to enter numbers separated by commas in the Top Numbers box and then the Left Numbers box. Hitting Post Numbers will now show your manually entered squares numbers in green.

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