The Super Bowl odds for the 2021 Super Bowl have opened in Vegas and the odds underscore the uncertainty surrounding some key personnel decisions around the league. The least of which, of course, is whether New England QB will return to finish his historic career with the Patriots. Now let?s see which teams you?ll be watching at your big game watch party.

Despite all the uncertainty, some people were able to call the 49ers in the Super Bowl last year, so you're in good hands with SBPS.

NY Giants

I know, I know. The Giants have been a dumpster for quite awhile. However there's very good reason to believe that they've found their quarterback of the future and have a bonafide superstar in running back Saquon Barkley. Combine that with high upside Tight End Evan Ingram and the Giants need only repair a disastrous secondary and rebuild one of the worst offensive lines in human history.

That's where the asterisk comes in. The Giants, who aren't known for their cunning offseason acumen, must take advantage of the desperation QB needy teams are likely to show in the lead up to draft day.

By trading back in the draft, and making some offseason acquisitions, the Giants should still be able to find a solid piece on the offensive line and young talent to build on. 2021 might be a little quick but look out for the Giants in the future if they play their cards correctly.

Odds to win SB 2021: 80 to 1

Dallas Cowboys

Will Tom Brady be a Cowboy? Rumors have been swirling about the chances he leaves and takes Josh McDaniels with him to Jerry World. Would the Cowboys abandon Dak? Would Brady, who is kicking 40's door down, really be able to make it work immediately in Dallas?

All of those seem mildly reasonable for some reason to us and if you think they are as well, you might be advised to lock-in your futures bet now.

Odds to win SB 2021: 12 to 1

Cleveland Browns

Along with the Falcons, this was our most embarrassing addition to the 2019, list so we may as well roll the dice again.

First, it was a disastrous year for Atlanta who thought they had solved their offensive line woes through the draft. Shortly after which they would discover that their first round pick, an offensive tackle, had a rare heart condition. That was just the beginning of a season where nothing ever seemed to be gel despite veterans at skill positions.

However the same cannot be said for the Browns. While they had an embarrassing showing to to start the year, their assortment of weapons was still (if anything) a work in progress. It's unclear how things are going to go in the offseason but if there's ever a time to buy low for the Browns, it's now.

Odds to win SB 21: 50 to 1

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