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KC Squares Contest

Created by KC STORM at SBPS

[email protected]

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Please be advised that this website will never ask you for a credit card when reserving a square in a contest.
General Rules
Thank you for supporting the KC Storm! This game will payout $500:

First Quarter $100
Second Quarter $100
Third Quarter $100
Fourth Quarter $100
Sudden Death $100

If no Sudden Death, payout for each quarter will be $125 for each quarter.
The commissioner has not defined guidelines for how prizes are defined or awarded. Please email them directly with any questions you may have.
Please pay $10 per square selected to secure your squares!
Payment Options

The commissioner has defined the cost of entry to be 10.00.

The commissioner has defined the following preferred payment methods for your entry fee:

Cash App

Please contact the commissioner directly with any specific questions regarding this Contest, including how to pay for your entry.

What is SBPS?

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