2020 Full Miami Dolphins NFL Team Schedule

Miami Dolphins Season Long Squares Contest?

One of our special contest types here at SBPS is a Multiple Grid Contest, in which we automatically create your contest with different axis numbers available for multiple games of the season.

Different Numbers? What does that mean?

Your players still reserve squares in the one, single grid of squares. But every week, the numbers are randomly drawn (or entered manually by you) fresh, so no player is stuck with the same terrible numbers all season. From week to week, players have an equal shot at getting better numbers for the new week.

Your contest will come set up and ready to rock, with the Team Names populated for every week of the season!

Miami Dolphins Schedule
# Game Date Teams TV
1 Sep 13 at 9:00AM Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots Create
2 Sep 20 at 9:00AM Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Create
3 Sep 24 at 4:20PM Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars Create
4 Oct 4 at 9:00AM Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins Create
5 Oct 11 at 12:05PM Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers Create
6 Oct 18 at 12:05PM New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Create
7 Nov 1 at 9:00AM Los Angeles Rams at Miami Dolphins Create
8 Nov 8 at 12:25PM Miami Dolphins at Arizona Cardinals Create
9 Nov 15 at 12:05PM Los Angeles Chargers at Miami Dolphins Create
10 Nov 22 at 12:05PM Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos Create
11 Nov 29 at 9:00AM Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Create
12 Dec 6 at 9:00AM Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins Create
13 Dec 13 at 9:00AM Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Dolphins Create
14 Dec 20 at 9:00AM New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Create
15 Dec 26 at 8:00PM Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders Create
16 Jan 3 at 9:00AM Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Create