Shibe Super Squares

Created by Johnny Goodtimes at SBPS

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General Rules
Welcome to the Shibe Super Squares! It costs $10 to enter, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the South Philly Sharks football program. We'll be giving away Shibe prize packs (value $115 each) to the winners after each quarter, with a Mitchell and Ness jacket (value of $150) to the final score winner. It's a fun way to play along with the Big Game and also raise money for a terrific organization.
1st quarter winner: Shibe Prize pack (worth $65)
2nd quarter winner: Shibe Prize pack (worth $65)
3rd quarter winner: Shibe Prize pack (worth $65)
Final score winner: Mitchell and Ness Eagles jacket (retail price $150)

If there is a tie, we will give another Eagles prize pack to the 4th quarter winner and the M&N jacket will go to the Final Score winner.
Please send $10 to @jgtquizzo on venmo, or on paypal. Once you've done that, you can enter a box!
Payment Options

The commissioner has defined the cost of entry to be 10.00.

If the commissioner has defined any preferred payment methods, they will be listed here: