CASA Philadelphia 2022 Super Bowl Squares

Created by Happi Grillon at SBPS

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General Rules
Thank you for participating in CASA's 2022 Super Bowl squares contest. All submissions are considered final and payments non-refundable. Proceeds benefit CASA of Philadelphia County and prizes will be distributed as described on the prize rules page.

When submitting your square, use a clearly identifiable username so that your submission can be matched to the Paypal payment.

Please remember to share the contest and support this great cause!
Contest is a 50/50 payout with 50% of proceeds donated to CASA of Philadelphia and the remaining 50% paid as prizes to the winner of each quarter as a portion of the total prize pool.

1Q: $250
2Q: $750
3Q: $500
4Q: $1,000

Prize pool: $2,500
CASA donation: $2,500

Payments will be made during the week of February 14th. The email address used for Paypal submission will receive the prize payment. Please send any questions to:
Entry fee for the contest is $50 per square.

Payments must be made by February 12, 2022 (the day before the Super Bowl). In your payment please note the purpose as "CASA 2022 SB Squares".

Payments will be accepted via PayPal at the email address listed below. Any submissions that do not have an accompanying payment prior to February 13, 2022 will be considered void.
Payment Options

The commissioner has defined the cost of entry to be $50.

If the commissioner has defined any preferred payment methods, they will be listed here: