Chabad MidSuffolk 7th Annual SuperBowl Fundraiser

Created by David Gresen --
at Super Bowl Pool Site

The Rules of This Squares Contest

Entry Cost: $60 per box

The cost per box is $60 of which $30 will go to Chabad Mid-Suffolk and the remaining $30 in the pot.

Chose as many boxes you want ($60 per box).

For each box you choose, you will be prompted to enter (a) your name, (b) e-mail address, and (c) the pool password chabad.

The numbers will be computer generated prior to the game on game-day. To see what numbers you have, just prior to the game, simply go back to this Superbowl website.

Thank you and please contact David Gresen if you have any questions. Remember, the password for the Superbowl website is chabad.

To pay by credit card, after you have chosen your boxes on the Superbowl website, please go to the following Chabad website and enter your credit card information:

If you would prefer to pay by cash or check, contact David Gresen at .

End of First Quarter - 15%
Half Time - 15%
End of Third Quarter - 15%
Final Score - 35%
AGAIN FOR THIS YEAR: A ll of the boxes that border the winning box split the remaining 20% (i.e., corner boxes have 3 borders, axis boxes have 5 borders and remaining boxes have 8 borders)

More details may be available on the Rules Page. Click the button below for additional information.

Contest Rules
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Below is the current Contest Grid for this Free SBPS contest. You can view the rules, players and payment information for your Super Bowl Style Squares contest by using the tabs above. The commissioner will lock the coordinates at the appropriate time (when the contest fills, before the game..etc). Users will then be notified via email that coordinates have been assigned to their square(s). Following the conclusion of the game, return to the winners page to see the winner or contact the commissioner. For instructions regarding payment, visit the rules page where the SBPS has provided space for the commissioner to disclose payment instructions.

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The commissioner also has the option of marking a contest square as paid (green) or unpaid (red). If you have already paid to reserve your square but still show as unpaid, please contact your contest's commissioner.

Don't forget to bookmark this page so you know what to cheer for during the game. Also, if you enjoy this squares contest remember you can make a free squares contest of your own at any time for free by clicking here. Most importantly: Good luck and have fun!

Color Legend
Coordinate Set:
7 6 3 1 0 4 2 9 5 8
Dreyfu. Box 4
Yaker Silber Rivkin Singer HERMAN
5 Katz Kulka Liebma. Box 14
Yaker jlishi. Simson Margol. Skulni. Neuwir.
6 Kreinc. GRESEN Singer Linda
Rivkin David
Box 27
Seskin Katz Newman
4 EISLER Schmid. Wolgan. Hetten. Lenny
Katz YUDIN Sandle. Box 39
Box 40
1 Silber Katz David
Rivkin Singer HERMAN Ron
2 Singer David
Seskin LEWEN Margol. Wolgan. Robbin. Katz Silber Finger.
7 Carl
Rabky Rafi
Katz Box 65
Singer Hecht Schwar. Sandle.
9 Rivkin Box 72
Newman Ron
Polese Box 76
Katz Simson Singer Afrisc.
0 GOLDEN Skulni. Katz Box 84
Box 85
Kreinc. LEWEN Carl
Blitze. Dreyfu.
3 HERMAN Box 92
Neuwir. Afrisc. Singer Haber Silber Rivkin Herz HERMAN